Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos reportedly fired Michael Gableman and plans to dissolve the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) on Friday, August 12. 

Skye Perryman, President and CEO of Democracy Forward, which had filed a lawsuit against the OSC to stop its flagrant violation of Wisconsin’s public records retention laws, issued the following statement in response:

Reports of the firing of Michael Gableman and the plans to close the Office of Special Counsel are encouraging and, if confirmed, would be a win for the people of Wisconsin. This sham, secretive, and outrageously expensive investigation failed to produce one single shred of evidence that President Biden’s victory in the 2020 election was called incorrectly, and did damage to Wisconsin’s democracy by undermining the people’s faith in the state’s election system. 

Even if the investigation ends, the people of Wisconsin still deserve to see documents that shed light on the activities of the Office of Special Counsel. The Office of Special Counsel, Speaker Vos and the Assembly continue to have a duty to comply with Wisconsin law.