Founded in 2017 with a commitment to educating the public, Democracy Forward uses innovative legal strategies to keep corruption out of policymaking — and vigorously fights in court on behalf of the people this corruption hurts. Our diverse team of experienced litigators and effective communicators have successfully challenged bad actors and their unlawful policies, shut down corrupt committees created for industry interests, and exposed unfair, unreasonable rulemakings that strip vulnerable communities of crucial protections.

We’ve successfully pursued challenges based on our experience with statutes such as the Administrative Procedure Act, the Federal Vacancies Reform Act, and the Federal Advisory Committee Act in order to give voice to those who are harmed — and empower them to fight back.

What we're doing
  • Civil Rights

California Tribal Families Coalition, et al. v. Azar

Fighting the Trump administration’s failure to count vulnerable foster youth on behalf of a coalition of Tribal governments, LGBTQ+ advocates, and foster youth organizations.

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  • Immigration

State of Arizona v. Department of Homeland Security

Opposing Arizona’s attempt to invoke illegally authorized Trump-era agreements, alongside immigrant justice groups, in “friend-of-the-court” brief.

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  • Health Care

Planned Parenthood Southeast et al. v. HHS, CMS, Treasury et al.

Challenging the Trump administration’s unlawful approval for Georgia to terminate its essential healthcare exchange through Section 1332 waiver in violation of the ACA.

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