Our Mission

With a team of experienced litigators, researchers, and policy experts, Democracy Forward scrutinizes Executive Branch activity across policy areas, challenges unlawful actions through litigation, and educates the public about improper government activity.

We believe that whenever the Executive Branch pursues unlawful policies or violates the rules, our democracy suffers and real people are hurt. Democracy Forward was created to fight back and ensure those transgressions do not go unnoticed or unchallenged.

Executive Team

Anne Harkavy

Executive Director

Corey Ciorciari

Policy and Strategy Director

Javier Guzman

Legal Director

Alex Hornbrook

Operations Director

Adam Jentleson

Public Affairs Director

Legal Team

Travis Annatoyn

Senior Counsel

Jeffrey Dubner

Senior Counsel

Adam Grogg

Senior Counsel

Josephine Morse

Senior Counsel

Nitin Shah

Senior Counsel

Robin Thurston

Senior Counsel

Karianne Jones


John Lewis


Ben Link

Legal Assistant

Deborah Won

Legal Assistant

Policy, Research, and Press Team

Tyson Brody

Research Director

Aman George

Legal Policy Director

Megan Uzzell

Legal Policy Director

Cory Hansen

Legal Analyst

Rachael Klarman

Legal Analyst

Ben Seel

Legal Analyst

Charisma Troiano

Press Secretary

Max Levy

Digital Communications Manager

Jack Weller

Press Assistant

Anna Perina

Research Analyst

Meghana Vunnamadala

Research Analyst

Sharmeen Khan

Research Analyst

Rachel Chaney

Special Assistant