This week, a federal judge signed a warrant allowing the FBI to search the residence of former President Donald J. Trump.

Our team has seen firsthand that holding Trump accountable is possible. We took his administration to court more than 100x, exposing under-the-radar lawlessness and securing major victories for people and communities.

But threats to democracy didn’t stop when Trump left office, and neither did we.

The impact and scope of our work has expanded to fight attacks from state and local bad-faith actors and to push back against regressive legal movements. Our record of success shows what’s possible when creativity and skill meet an unyielding commitment to the promise of democracy. We’re glad you’re as committed as we are.

Representing America

We provide legal representation and expert counsel to people and communities who make up the fabric of American democracy. Here are some highlights from our latest work.


Delivering a Win Against Gov. Kemp for Health Care Access in Georgia

In the final days of the Trump administration, HHS approved an unlawful plan by Georgia Gov. Kemp to exit the federal Affordable Care Act marketplace. Democracy Forward, on behalf of health care providers, sued to halt this plan, which would have put quality health care for up to 100,000 Georgians at risk.

This week, the federal government suspended the state’s plan, preserving access to the ACA marketplace.


Protecting Restaurant Workers from Extreme Heat, Unsafe Conditions

People working in restaurant kitchens, who are disproportionately workers of color, often work in unsafely hot conditions exacerbated by a hotter climate. And yet, employers are not routinely protecting them.

Read our comment on behalf of Restaurant Opportunity Center (ROC) United supporting the creation of federal heat safety standards.

Just Filed

Ending the Mississippi State Legislature’s Attempts to Funnel Public Money to Private Schoolsmate Risk Information

The Mississippi Constitution is clear and unambiguous: public money cannot be used to fund private schools. Nevertheless, the state legislature passed two bills in April that would do just that, in direct violation of the law.

Learn more about our lawsuit filed to protect the interests of hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren and Mississippi taxpayers, including updates from upcoming hearings.

Get Involved

Vote for our SXSW Panel

We can turn back the tide against far-right movements in order to save our democracy, but we need your help spreading the word.

Voting is now underway for #SXSW2023 speakers. Our proposed panel  – 2023: Democracy Is Worth The Fight – will feature a conversation with Democracy Forward’s Skye Perryman, TX State Rep. Shawn Thierry, and activist Tayhlor Coleman about the fight for democracy’s future in the states and the courts.

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LISTEN: President & CEO Skye Perryman Featured on Power Station Podcast

“When you get tired you have to rest, not quit.”

Last week, Skye sat down with the Power Station podcast to discuss the importance of resilience in the fight for democracy and how Democracy Forward partners with nonprofits to make justice possible.

Listen to the full interview.