American democracy is at an inflection point.

Five years ago, a dedicated and spirited group of people left coveted jobs and beloved colleagues to build something new: Democracy Forward. In the wake of the 2016 election, it was clear that the number and severity of threats to democracy, social progress, and the rule of law would be unprecedented.

We built an innovative legal team that took the Trump administration to court more than 100 times, successfully challenging  bad actors and their unlawful policies, shutting down corrupt committees created for special interests, and exposing unfair, unreasonable policies that strip vulnerable communities of crucial protections. We secured victories that stopped abuses of power and improved the lives of millions. We filled critical gaps in the legal and regulatory infrastructure and developed a successful model for impact. Learn more about our founding.

Our work challenging Trump-era policies prepared us for this moment and the long road ahead.  

The courts are a frontline of the battleground for democracy, not merely the last resort protectors of it.

We must use our current crisis as a catalyst for change. Our strategies leverage the collective power of people and communities to stop the law from being used in regressive ways and to build for a better future.

Democracy Forward was built for this moment.


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A new era requires a new approach

Our strategy for legal and regulatory engagement address immediate needs while seeding ground for a vibrant future–one where our democracy and government represents and works for all people.

Some of the ways we're meeting this moment
  • Economy
  • Labor

Defending $15 Federal Contractor Minimum Wage

Urging the court to reject efforts to cut the minimum wage for federal contract workers.

Learn more about this lawsuit
  • Civil Rights
  • Education

Combating Censorship

Shedding light on backwards-looking actions and calling for freedom to read and learn.

Learn more about this lawsuit
  • Education

Representing Mississippi Parents in their Suit to Stop the State Legislature’s Funneling of Public Money to Private Schools

Mississippi Legislature's Action Violates the State's Constitution

Learn more about this lawsuit