The courts are a frontline of the battleground for democracy, not merely the last resort protectors of it.

The majority of the American people believe in the promise and potential of democracy. At this critical moment, we must leverage our collective power to stop the law from being used in regressive ways and to build for a better future.

Democracy Forward provides legal representation and expert counsel to people and communities who make up the very fabric of American democracy. This includes voters, veterans, teachers, students, workers, the press, doctors, health care professionals, patients, small businesses, conservationists, cities, counties, tribes, civil servants, unions, immigrants, academics and researchers, among many others. Our work ensures their voices are heard and that harmful and anti-democratic movements do not go unchallenged. View our client and partner list here.

We represent all of our clients free of charge.


Our three pillars to advance a bold, vibrant democracy for all people:


Defending democracy and policies that propel progress through regulatory and legal support.


Disrupting unlawful, regressive and anti-democratic activity through litigation, legal action, and public education.


Building coalitions and supporting communities to create a more democratic and just future.