We are constantly working to uncover the unlawful actions taken by the Executive Branch, and bring legal action on behalf of the Americans who are harmed. Take a look at our most recent work:

SurvJustice, Equal Rights Advocates & Victim Rights Law Center v. DeVos

Challenging the Trump Administration's discriminatory Title IX policy, which removed important protections for survivors of sexual violence, in partnership with organizations that support survivors.

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Uncovering backroom deals to craft Trump’s tax plan

We filed a lawsuit against the Treasury Department to discover who met with the Trump Administration during the passage of the 2017 tax cut legislation that benefited large corporations and the wealthy

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Union of Concerned Scientists et al. v. EPA

Fighting the Trump Administration's attempts to exacerbate global climate change by taking cleaner, cheaper, and safer cars off the roads.

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Multnomah County v. Department of Health & Human Services

Stopping the Administration's continued efforts to politicize Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program grants and violate Congressional mandates.

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Uncovering how and why Education Secretary Betsy DeVos decided to let states use federal funds to arm teachers

We filed a lawsuit against the Department of Education on behalf of teachers to reveal the details of Secretary DeVos' decision to allow states to use federal money to give teachers guns

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Uncovering the gun lobby’s influence over the Trump Administration

We filed lawsuits against ATF and the Department of Justice on behalf of the Giffords Law Center to expose the NRA's dangerous influence over the Trump Administration.

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