We are constantly working to uncover the unlawful actions taken by the Executive Branch, and bring legal action on behalf of the Americans who are harmed. Take a look at our most recent work:

Center for Science in the Public Interest, Healthy School Food Maryland v. USDA

Challenging the United States Department of Agriculture’s gutting of school nutrition standards.

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Demanding investigation of Interior aide’s potential conflicts connected to Arctic drilling

We demanded that the Department of Interior Deputy Inspector General investigate whether Senior Advisor Stephen Wackowski has used his position to facilitate environmentally-destructive seismic surveys benefitting his former business associates.

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Uncovering Katharine Gorka’s role at DHS

We sued to expose Katharine Gorka’s role at the Department of Homeland Security, which the Department has refused to disclose.

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Uncovering records on anti-Semitic segment aired on government-funded network

We sued the U.S. Agency for Global Media for refusing to release documents showing how Television Martí, a U.S. government-funded television network, aired a segment calling George Soros a “Jewish financial speculator” and a “multimillionaire Jew of Hungarian origin.”

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Uncovering the Trump administration’s efforts to bypass Congress in pursuit of deal to transfer nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia

Democracy Forward sued the Department of Energy to shed light on its attempts to bypass Congress and transfer nuclear technology to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Uncovering potentially illegal coordination with Fox News

We sued eight Trump administration agencies to expose coordination that could violate laws against government propaganda.

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