We are constantly working to uncover the unlawful actions taken by the Executive Branch, and bring legal action on behalf of the Americans who are harmed. Take a look at our most recent work:

National Audubon Society v. Bernhardt et al.

Challenging the Department of the Interior’s stripping of protections for vital coastal barriers.

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Tugaw Ranches v. Interior

We’re intervening on behalf of two conservation groups to defend sage-grouse protections opposed by the Trump administration.

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Requesting Interior IG investigate Bernhardt’s decision to stack Bears Ears Monument committee with monument opponents

We requested that the Interior Inspector General investigate whether Sec. Bernhardt violated the law by stacking a committee designed to protect Bears Ears monument with individuals intent on shrinking it.

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Healthy Gulf v. Bernhardt

Stopping Interior from secretly weakening offshore safety drilling rules

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Demanding investigation of Interior aide’s potential conflicts connected to Arctic drilling

We demanded that the Department of Interior Deputy Inspector General investigate whether Senior Advisor Stephen Wackowski has used his position to facilitate environmentally-destructive seismic surveys benefitting his former business associates.

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Uncovering the Trump administration’s efforts to bypass Congress in pursuit of deal to transfer nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia

Democracy Forward sued the Department of Energy to shed light on its attempts to bypass Congress and transfer nuclear technology to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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