“We are no strangers to challenge—and our democracy is facing major ones. Yet, our work over the past five years has shown that there is nothing more powerful than people and communities using their collective power. At our five year anniversary, we are expanding our work and impact to advance a bold, vibrant democracy for all people.” — Skye Perryman

What you can do

Your commitment has made us stronger as we have worked over the past five years to bring the voices of people and communities into the most important fights in courts throughout the country. Here are three ways you can continue to support Democracy Forward's work:

Make a resolution for democracy.

Share with us how you plan on fighting for democracy in the coming year.

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Over the next five years, we will continue to work together to address the challenges ahead. With your help, we can leverage our collective power to stop the law from being used in regressive ways and to build for a better future.

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Follow the campaign.

We’ll be sharing moments of impact from the past five years, and ways to power the ongoing fight for democracy in the years to come. Use #worththefight to follow along!

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