Since taking office, President Trump has repeatedly and inappropriately inserted himself in federal investigations into both his presidential campaign and his close associates.  For example, President Trump demanded that then-FBI Director James Comey drop a federal probe into former-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and then fired Mr. Comey amidst the FBI’s ongoing Russia investigation.  President Trump also fired U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara who was overseeing criminal investigations into individuals with close ties to the President, including Tom Price, a member of his cabinet.

In light of the President’s attempts to interfere in federal investigations from the Oval Office, Democracy Forward sued the Department of Justice (DOJ) after it refused to reveal whether Trump-Pence transition officials sought information from federal prosecutors regarding politically sensitive investigations being conducted during the transition.

“Given what President Trump has done to interfere in federal investigations from the Oval Office, it’s troubling that DOJ has refused to disclose whether such efforts began during Mr. Trump’s transition,” said Democracy Forward Executive Director Anne Harkavy.  “The public needs to know if President Trump came into office trying to rig our system of justice to protect himself and his associates.”