Democracy Forward filed a lawsuit demanding that President Trump’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) release records detailing Assistant to the President Ivanka Trump’s role in unlawfully rolling back a critical transparency requirement designed to root out pay discrimination and close the wage gap.

The suit follows Ivanka Trump’s public support for eliminating the protection and empowering roughly 60,886 employers —who collectively employ 63 million workers—to continue shielding race and gender pay gaps from scrutiny.  Despite the critical importance of this issue, the Trump Administration has refused to release documents in response to Democracy Forward’s request, filed under the Freedom of Information Act.

The decision to halt the EEOC’s collection of employee pay data is but one of several actions that the Administration has taken to disadvantage women and girls. Additionally, since taking office, the Trump Administration has repealed President Obama’s college sexual assault initiative, proposed gutting the State Department office that works to end gender-based violence abroad, and removed research on sexual violence from the White House website.

The Administration has also made it easier for employers to deny women contraceptive coverage, halted a Department of Labor effort to reduce domestic abuse, sexual assault, and other workplace violence in the healthcare industry, and rolled back limits on forced arbitration for workplace sexual assault and harassment victims.

Karianne Jones

Senior Counsel

Litigating cases on issues involving, among other things, gender justice, civil rights, and workplace justice.

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