Attacks on equity, inclusion, and diversity are attacks on democracy. We’re fighting back.

Democracy depends on a government that works for all people. But, progress in many communities, institutions, and halls of government to further racial and gender equity, and other forms of diversity and inclusion has been met with harmful and aggressive, far-right attacks. These attacks are increasing daily in the education, workplace, healthcare, government programs and other contexts. We are committed to working with people and communities across the nation to monitor and confront these attacks.

Legal attacks on racial equality and equity accelerated following the summer of 2023 when the U.S. Supreme Court issued its ruling in Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard and Students for Fair Admissions v. UNC (“SFFA cases”). This decision undermined long standing legal precedent concerning the consideration of race specifically as part of college admissions decisions. Despite the specific and limited context of the Court’s ruling in the SFFA cases, special interest groups opposed to equality and equity have launched an avalanche of attacks, including over 45 lawsuits against businesses, organizations, and government programs. These lawsuits seek to penalize businesses, organizations, and institutions for their efforts to further racial equity, and other forms of inclusion and diversity.

Democracy Forward is working with the broad cross section of people, businesses, and communities to confront these threats, anchoring efforts to understand the scope of the issues, implement strategic responses — including affirmative and defensive litigation, policy support, and shifting narratives — and build for a true democracy in which all belong.

Learn more about ways we are furthering equality, equity, inclusion, and diversity:

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Brief: Experts Supported NASDAQ’s Board Diversity Rule

Represented experts in business, management, and economics in support of NASDAQ’s board diversity rule against attacks from special interest groups.

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Litigation: Blocked Arkansas Law Criminalizing Librarians

Challenging Arkansas’ unlawful censorship agenda and criminalization of librarians.

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Monitoring: Tracking & Analyzing Anti-Equity Threats

Launched a comprehensive and interactive tool tracking litigation, legislation, and state and local anti-education equity initiatives.

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Brief: Medical Associations Defended Anti-Racism Plans

Represented leading medical groups in a brief affirming how anti-racism plans improve health outcomes.

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Litigation: Challenged Florida Censorship Laws in Florida

Represented teachers, parents, librarians, booksellers, and more in challenging anti-democratic censorship laws in Florida.

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Brief: Medical Organizations Defended Health Equity Policies

Defended health equity policies on the provision of COVID-19 care challenged in multiple lawsuits.

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Regulatory Comment: Small Businesses Say Diversity is Good for Business

Helped a small business organization prepare a letter to the Department of Commerce showing that promoting diversity is good for business.

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