Democracy Forward demanded that the United States Office of Government Ethics recommend immediate disciplinary action against Ivanka Trump for abusing her public position as Advisor to President Trump by promoting her personal clothing line, IT Collection LLC.  In its letter, the group also called on ethics officers to investigate whether Ivanka Trump coordinated with celebrity style blogs to showcase images of her public appearances to drive sales of her brand’s merchandise.

The letter follows a recent analysis of Ivanka Trump’s social media activity, which revealed that nearly 70 percent of Ms. Trump’s posts feature an item from her namesake clothing line worn during her official government appearances.  These photos are then frequently used by style publications, such as StarStyle, to link consumers with retailers selling Ms. Trump’s merchandise.  The letter seeks to expose any contact or coordination between Ms. Trump, her company, and the style publications using her images.

Ivanka Trump has not fully divested from the IT Collection LLC and continues to receive substantial payments from her company, including income between $1 – 5 million in the Spring of 2017.

Democracy Forward requests that the Acting Director of Government Ethics, David Apol:

  • Investigate any direct contact or coordination between Ms. Trump and her company and/or celebrity style publications regarding the use of images she posts in her official capacity promoting her products.
  • Recommend the White House take “appropriate disciplinary action” against Ms.Trump for violating federal ethics rules, which, as outlined in the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, could include “reprimand, suspension, demotion, or dismissal.”
  • Recommend Ms.  Trump’s complete and full divestment from the IT Collection LLC.

The letter was submitted to the United States Office of Government Ethics on January 22, 2018.

Robin Thurston

Deputy Legal Director

Litigating challenges to unlawful actions, abuses of power, and threats to democracy on behalf of those who are harmed.

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