In the four months since I joined Democracy Forward as President, something has struck me more than anything else: The commitment of the team behind our work, and the dedication of the community that supports us, has been absolutely remarkable.

At Democracy Forward, we are no strangers to challenge. This is the team that took the Trump Administration to court more than 100 times—disrupting its harmful and unlawful actions again and again. So, on January 6 when violent insurrectionists executed a siege on our democracy, what we had to do next became all the more urgent. We have evolved our strategy and expanded the reach of our work—including in the states—to meet this critical moment in American democracy. And we are growing our talented team of litigators, researchers, and communicators to take on these challenges.

Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to:

When Governor Abbott vetoed funding for the Texas Legislature in retaliation for the Texas House not passing a restrictive election bill, we represented the Texas AFL-CIO and individual state employees in court to oppose this brazen abuse of power that threatened the livelihoods of thousands of Texas employees and basic principles of separation of powers.

As Governors and other state actors politicized masks and blocked the ability of families and communities to protect their children in school, we have represented the nation’s leading children’s health experts in courts across the country to oppose these efforts. We have already been part of important wins in California, Iowa, and Tennessee.

We are continuing our work to overturn Trump-era policies, such as our recent victory securing reversal of the harmful Trump-era overhaul of anti-redlining regulations that negatively affected middle and low-income communities and communities of color.

And, we are building for a better future through amplifying the voices of communities most affected by governmental action in the regulatory process and working through the courts to oppose attempts to undermine good governmentfair fiscal policyworker protectionshealth care access, and immigrants’ rights, among other values.

I hope you’ll read more about our work in the courts and in the agencies, as we continue to fight for those who represent the very fabric of our democracy.

Our whole team is deeply appreciative of our growing and committed community of supporters who are dedicated to ensuring that America’s best days are ahead.



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