Today, on behalf of Muslim Advocates, we filed a brief opposing the Trump administration’s attempt to dismiss our lawsuit challenging the continued dissemination of an intentionally misleading and biased report, jointly published by the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security in January 2018.

Even After Conceding Errors, Trump’s DOJ and DHS Refuse to Retract or Correct Misleading Report

The report falsely claims that most terrorism-related offenses are committed by immigrants, and uses a flawed methodology to assert that 73% of individuals convicted of international terrorism-related offenses were foreign-born.

By manipulating data to misleadingly portray foreign-born people as the primary terrorist threat facing America, DOJ and DHS are violating a federal data accuracy law—the Information Quality Act.

Both agencies have admitted that the information quality concerns first raised by the groups in January 2018 have merit, but still refuse to retract or correct the Report, in violation of federal law.

We and Muslim Advocates will keep fighting until this unlawful, inaccurate and biased report is corrected or retracted.