Today, as the nation honors the work and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we are reflecting on all that remains to be done to achieve Dr. King’s dream of a multi-racial, vibrant and just democracy that works for all people.

While the vast majority of Americans believe in the promise and potential of democracy, there is an dangerous movement in our country that continues to seek and use power through the court of law in order to reverse progress, rewrite history, and create a country where the few benefit at the expense of many. At Democracy Forward, our team works every day to ensure that the law and courts are used as an instrument of justice, not of oppression.

We believe that the law can be used to build collective power and look to our more than 260 pro-bono clients and partners representing the diverse and vibrant fabric of our country to help us combat harmful, anti-democratic activity. Every day we see the power that people have to make a difference — from our clients working to protect public education in the deep South and the parents combating censorship in Florida, Idaho, Kansas, and Texas to the broad coalitions we represent in court fighting for worker’s rights, healthcare access, and fair housing.

We are, again, at a pivotal time for American democracy. Dr. King’s words still ring true: “Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve.” There is a role for all of us to play in the fight for people and our country’s best values. We are grateful for all that you do in the fight for democracy and appreciate you being in our community.