On February 28, ahead of oral arguments in the legal challenges to President Biden’s student debt relief program, Democracy Forward President Skye Perryman addressed a crowd outside the Court to make one thing clear:

Student debt relief is legal.

We go to court every day to fight back against unlawful policies. In fact, we took the Trump administration to court more than 100 times for its lawlessness and take very seriously the need to curtail executive branch overreach. Here, however, President Biden’s student debt relief plan is legal and authorized by Congress. It is not executive overreach.

We represented a coalition of legal scholars on a brief to let the Supreme Court know: student debt relief is legal, necessary, and urgent.

No matter how right-wing attorneys general and special interest groups may try to skew reality at the Supreme Court, the numbers don’t change — 26 million Americans across all 50 states could be benefiting from relief if not for these legal challenges (including 10 million Americans in the very states suing to block the plan).

We hope the Supreme Court will let this policy proceed, but we know these groups won’t give up so easily. Our legal team will remain on the front line fighting for economic opportunity for all people — from public education to legal briefs and more.

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  1. Since President Biden first announced his intention to cancel up to $20k in student loan debt for the vast majority of borrowers, right-wing officials – including 6 state attorneys general – and right-wing dark money groups have filed eight different legal challenges seeking to halt this effort. On Feb. 28, #SCOTUS heard arguments in two of these challenges. /1
    It is unfortunate that Americans are faced with continued uncertainty about their loans as a result of extreme efforts to undermine these lawful protections. We urge the Supreme Court to uphold the federal government’s debt relief plan. #CaseForCancellation #PeopleForCancellation 2/2
  2. The day of #SCOTUS oral arguments, supporters of the President’s student debt relief program encouraged the Court to focus on the nuts and bolts of the debt relief program and its legal authority, rather than letting the details be drowned out by the surrounding political debate. #CaseForCancellation #PeopleForCancellation

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