The holiday weekend featured a lot of smoke blowing from far-right state officials.

Far-right Attorneys General blasted “Happy Labor Day” wishes to their constituents across their social media platforms – attempting to position themselves as defenders of working people. And yet, many of these same AGs are actively seeking to use the courts to cut workers’ federal minimum wages and wage protections.

In four challenges in six federal courts across the country, more than a dozen Attorneys General in LA, MS, ID, IN, NE, SC, AL, AR, GA, MO, MT, OK, AZ and TX are using taxpayer dollars to attack wage policies and protections advanced by the Biden administration. This hypocrisy should be called out for what it is: an attack on working people.

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Holding Government Officials Accountable

In response to New Orleans officials’ vow to not enforce the state’s ban on abortion, Louisiana’s Attorney General requested that the State Bond Commission “bring them to heel” by withholding funding for flood control. In a move that even Republican lawmakers have called “problematic,” the Commission voted to delay a $39 million future line of credit intended to prevent catastrophic floods in New Orleans.

The Commission’s inhumane action at the direction of AG Landry is an abuse of power that will endanger New Orleanians’ lives. We are seeking records from the state to help ensure the public receives the full transparency it deserves.


Helping Parents Push Back Against Book Censorship in Granbury, TX

Chris Tackett, a parent in Granbury, TX, is seeking records related to the district’s alleged plans to review books related to LGBTQ issues. On his behalf, we requested communications between the Granbury ISD’s Superintendent and trustees regarding efforts to strip books from school library shelves. To date, the District has provided only a handful of documents, and has also informed us that the Superintendent likely deleted any such text messages – a potential violation of state records retention laws.

We believe the public has a right to know how government officials are conducting official business, including how they may be trying to censor constitutionally protected speech and are continuing our demand for transparency.

Just Files

Protecting the Security of Retirement Savings for Workers

A federal law known as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) sets minimum standards for most retirement and health plans in private industry. To protect individuals in these plans, Congress allowed individual workers to sue on behalf of the plan. But some corporations try to block such suits by slipping waivers into their contracts.

In a new brief on behalf of Public Justice in Harrison v. Envision Management Holding, Inc. Board, we explain why such waivers violate ERISA and undermine the retirement protections Congress intended workers to have.

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Listen: President & CEO Skye Perryman Featured on WURD’s Reality Check

“Just because the Supreme Court has made a series of decisions that many people believe are harmful to people and communities, it doesn’t mean that we can give up on legal advocacy and on meeting these threats in the courts.”

Yesterday, Skye appeared live on WURD’s Reality Check to discuss the upcoming Supreme Court term, President Biden’s speech from Philadelphia, and other news affecting our democracy.

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