Washington, D.C. — In response to Bloomberg reporting that a decision in Idaho and Moyle, et al. v. U.S. was temporarily posted and then removed from the U.S. Supreme Court’s website, Democracy Forward President and CEO Skye Perryman issued the following statement: 

“If the final opinion matches the one inadvertently posted, then the situation for patients in Idaho, where, as a result of the stay the Court issued earlier this year, women have been unable to access federally guaranteed emergency care in the state of Idaho, will improve. It will mean that Idaho clinicians will be able to provide some care to patients pursuant to federal law for now. Unfortunately, the harms created by state bans on care will remain, with a case pending in the 5th Circuit that the Court could grant review of next term that seeks to deprive pregnant women of emergency care. If the Idaho decision as-posted is finalized, the Court would simply be kicking the can down the road, and continuing to put the health and lives of patients at risk.” 

Democracy Forward represented the nation’s medical community, including 38,000 emergency physicians, on briefs in Idaho v. U.S. at the district and appeals courts in the case, as well as at the U.S. Supreme Court. Democracy Forward also represents the medical community in briefs filed at the district and appeals court on the case now pending at the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, State of Becerra v. Texas.

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