Washington, D.C. – Democracy Forward is pleased to announce that its President and CEO, Skye Perryman, has been selected by the Washingtonian as one of the Most Influential People Shaping Policy in Washington. “Power comes and goes. But influence sticks around,” notes the Washingtonian stating that its annual list recognizes “experts and advocates, outside of the government, who are playing big roles in Washington’s current policy debates.”  

Known for her strategic insight, legal skill, and ability to achieve impact in difficult circumstances, Perryman was named President and CEO of Democracy Forward in June 2021 where, the Washingtonain notes, she “has built a team to combat anti-democratic activity and extremism, emerging as a key resource for both moderates and progressives.” The Washingtonian recognizes Perryman for her influence in “good government” and “having our public system work effectively.”

Founded in 2017 to address unprecedented threats to democracy at the federal level, under Perryman’s leadership Democracy Forward has expanded the scope and reach of its work to combat extremism in states and local communities, while also playing a key role in some of the most significant legal battles of our time. Perryman frequently speaks to national and international audiences about the state of democracy and the work that must be done to advance it. She builds coalitions of unlikely allies, leveraging key sectors in the work to achieve a government and democracy that works for all people.  

Perryman has practiced law in Washington for nearly two decades, holding positions in both the private and non-profit sectors. Her work and writing is frequently covered by major media outlets such as The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, The Washington Post, TIME, Forbes Women, Insider, Ms. Magazine, Teen Vogue, among many others. She serves on the boards of the Atlas Performing Arts Center, the Interfaith Alliance, the Baylor Line Foundation, and the Texas Observer and has received a number of awards for her legal work and leadership. 

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