We’re fighting back.

My husband Steve has a pre-existing condition. After he retired but before the ACA went into effect, Steve couldn’t get coverage. He went uninsured because of his pre-existing condition.

When we stopped Trump and his allies in Congress from repealing the ACA, Steve and I were relieved. We thought our insurance was safe, but it’s not. Trump has been actively sabotaging the ACA and it’s had a direct effect on our family. Because of what Trump’s done, insurers have left Charlottesville, and our costs have soared.

Just this year, even though we downgraded our plan, our monthly premiums have more than DOUBLED, and now we’re paying $3,327 each month. Between our premium and our deductible, we would now have to spend nearly $55,000 before we actually receive any benefit from our insurance. We really love Charlottesville and enjoy living here, but we’ve had to think about moving somewhere with more affordable health care.

I’m not writing to complain, though. I’m writing to let you know that we’re fighting back. Trump’s intentional sabotage violates the Constitution: the President has to faithfully execute the law, even if he doesn’t like it. We – along with several cities! – are taking Trump to court to force him to end the #TrumpSabotage.

I know we aren’t the only ones who’ve seen our health insurance increase because of Trump. Steve and I, and the other people involved in our lawsuit, want to hear your stories, too. So leave a comment or tag a friend to let people know that, even though we saved the ACA from Congress, Trump is still attacking our health care every day.