Autocracy in America: A Warning and A Response
Tuesday, July 23 | 11am – 5pm | New York City

The American Autocracy Threat Tracker analyzes commitments by autocratic actors that they promise to implement in our country in 2025. History teaches us that threats to assault core democratic principles should not be taken lightly. On the contrary, contemporary lessons from backsliding democracies like Hungary, Turkey, and Poland, not to mention from more ominous historical parallels, are that autocratic plans must be taken seriously. Conversely, social science data and lived experience teach us that big tent pro-rule of law coalitions that are multi-ideological and multi-partisan are an antidote to autocratic advance and have a proven record of success.

The Autocracy in America conference will sound the alarm on this rising threat in the United States— and advance both short- and long-term responses.

The gathering itself will be informed by the seriousness of the risk we face but also by the availability of solutions that have worked elsewhere and can work here. Attendees will include ordinary Americans from all over the country as well as scholars and practitioners. We are coming together through our shared confidence in the American experiment and in the American people to transcend this challenge as we have so many others throughout our history.

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