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Like the vast majority of Americans, we want to see people and communities thrive in 2025 and beyond. Yet, current efforts by extremist organizations, including more than 100+ interest groups, to implement the radical, extreme “Project 2025” policy agenda threaten our nation.

We don’t need “projects;” we need a democracy that works for all. Democracy Forward is prepared to use all the tools our democracy provides to fight back against threats from an anti-democratic president and other far-right actors if necessary.

Join us in this generational fight for people and democracy.

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Our winning strategy

The courts are now a frontline in the battleground for democracy, not merely the last resort protectors of it.

The majority of the American people believe in the promise and potential of democracy. But extreme, anti-democratic movements seek to wield political power and roll back our rights. At this critical moment, we must leverage our collective power to stop the law from being used in regressive ways and to build for a better future.


Actions filed to hold bad actors' feet to the fire

We defend positive policies from right-wing attacks in the courts.


States where we’ve made a difference

We work at all levels to counter negative trends and support positive change.


Clients and partners engaged

We advance progressive legal theory through coordinated partner engagement.

Splash Statement

Counter Project 2025 today.

Project 2025 is a radical playbook that presents a profound threat to the American people, our freedoms, and our democracy. Join us to expose this effort by far-right extremists and fight back.

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