For the first time in our nation’s history, a former president has been indicted for attempting to destroy our democratic system because, as the indictment put it, “he was determined to remain in power.” The indictment details an alleged plot to assault a fundamental element of American democracy: our elections and the peaceful transfer of presidential power. 

Democracy Forward was founded to fight back against former President Trump’s unprecedented attacks on democracy, social progress, and the rule of law. In fact, one of the very first lawsuits we filed was to stop the Trump administration’s efforts to question the results of the 2016 election and to undermine America’s confidence in free and fair elections – and we helped shut down the sham Pence-Kobach “Election Integrity” Commission. 

This week’s indictment provides a glimpse of just how far the attacks on democracy allegedly went in Trump’s final days in office.

While the criminal case against former President Trump unfolds, we can’t ignore the reality that far-right extremists in state legislatures and governor’s mansions, in the courts, and on Capitol Hill also pose grave threats to our democratic rights. 

Election subversion, gerrymandering and voter suppression remain real threats for 2024 and beyond – from the attempted undermining of the Voting Rights Act to the passing of legislation in several states injecting partisan actors into election administration. 

But defending our elections is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Following campaigns by far-right legal organizations to erode civil rights by misusing the value of ‘religious liberty’ as a pretense, the U.S. Supreme Court dealt a blow to LGBTQ+ equality and anti-discrimination protections in its 303 Creative decision. It ignored legal scholars and struck down the Biden administration’s student debt relief plan and hampered the consideration of race in college admissions. There is a lot at stake in the coming term as well.  

In states like Texas and Florida, leaders are banning books, opposing fair wages, restricting health care, weaponizing the power of the state against trans kids and their parents, and prioritizing special interests over the health of people and our planet.

Despite these challenges, we know the American people can and will keep fighting for democracy. 

At Democracy Forward, we’re proud to equip people and communities  – from librarians to parents to physicians and public health experts and more – with the tools they need to take their fights for democracy to the courts and beyond. Democracy depends on a government that works for all people and is accountable to present and future generations. 

This week’s indictment reminds us that accountability for those in the highest levels of government attempting to overthrow our democracy is still necessary. 

At Democracy Forward, we continue to use all available tools within our legal system to secure the promise of democracy for all. We have never strayed in our commitment to combating extremism at every level, and we are more prepared today than ever to push back on anti-democratic attacks in all forms they take. Together, we can ensure that anti-democratic actors do not have the last word. 

Thank you for being part of this work,


Skye Perryman

President & CEO

Democracy Forward