Skye Perryman, President and CEO of Democracy Forward, issued the following statement after Donald Trump’s July 26th speech at the America First Agenda Summit:

“There is no masking the irony that today’s speech from Donald Trump — while laced in the rhetoric of  “law and order” — is taking place against the backdrop of a Congressional hearing over his unsuccessful and deadly attempt to overturn a democratic election, undermining  the ability of people to choose their President. During his four years in power, Trump and his associates engaged in a range of unlawful and harmful conduct, and Trump’s anti-democratic movement continues to pose a unique and ongoing threat to our country’s institutions and civil rights. There have long been highly-resourced, well-coordinated, regressive efforts seeking to undermine the promise of democracy; Trump’s presidency emboldened an even more severe brand of this extremism that continues to harm the American people.

We know that the majority of the American people believe in the promise and potential of true democracy and in the equal dignity of all people. At this critical moment, we must leverage our collective power to build for a better future. At Democracy Forward, we believe people and democracy are worth the fight. We will continue to use all available tools within our democracy and our legal system to secure the promise of democracy for all Americans.” 

Skye is available for interviews. 


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