For Immediate Release

April 7, 2023

Statement in Response to Ruling in Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. US Food and Drug Administration

In response to a ruling issued late-Friday evening by a federal district courts in Texas, Democracy Forward President & CEO Skye Perryman released the following statement:

“The harmful order issued out of Texas seeking to suspend the FDA’s approval of mifepristone is a result of extreme, special interest groups continuing their decades-long campaign through the courts to deprive millions of Americans of essential health care. The courts are a frontline in the battle for democracy and the basic rights of people. As far-right interest groups seek to misuse the legal process to undermine essential health care, the rights of people, and our democratic values, it is imperative that the American people use their collective power to fight back against this extremism.

No court’s decision can negate decades of data affirming the safety and efficacy of mifepristone. We urge all courts to protect access to this essential medication.”


Democracy Forward is a national legal organization that is dedicated to the advancement of democracy and social progress. Democracy Forward, along with co-counsel, represents GenBioPro, the manufacturer of generic mifepristone in a lawsuit to reverse West Virginia’s restrictions that limit access to the medication.