Following reports that the Treasury Inspector General is investigating attempts by Secretary Steven Mnuchin to conceal economic analysis of President Trump’s tax bill, Democracy Forward Executive Director Anne Harkavy released the following statement:

“It’s welcome news that the Inspector General is investigating Secretary Mnuchin’s attempt to conceal evidence refuting his claim that President Trump’s tax bill pays for itself—and today, Democracy Forward requested the IG investigate Treasury’s other efforts to conceal analysis conducted by career employees and disseminate misleading information.

“The IG should also investigate attempts by Treasury officials to conceal longstanding departmental analysis by career officials contradicting Secretary Mnuchin’s unsubstantiated claim that “70 percent” of the corporate tax burden falls on American workers. In part, the Trump Administration has used this unsubstantiated claim to misleadingly assert that American households would benefit by “$4,000–9,000” under President Trump’s tax bill.

“We filed an Information Quality Act petition with Treasury demanding the agency correct these unreliable and misleading statements. Despite the importance of the tax debate, and the devastating impact President Trump’s tax bill would have on working families, Treasury has yet to respond to our petition in any way.

“It’s time for the IG to step in and demand the Trump Administration tell the truth.”


Press Contact
Charisma Troiano
(202) 701-1781

Read Democracy Forward’s full Inspector General request here
Read Democracy Forward’s Information Quality Act petition here