Demand For Investigation Follows Reports Pruitt Received Millions of Dollars In Financial Benefits from Friends-Turned-EPA Officials Kenneth Wagner and Albert Kelly


Washington, D.C. — Today, Democracy Forward requested the Inspector General of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) investigate whether EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt violated federal law in hiring two longtime friends, Albert “Kell” Kelly and Kenneth Wagner, who have no apparent qualifications for their positions besides the millions of dollars in loans, business opportunities and cash equivalents they provided to Pruitt when he was an Oklahoma state official.

Wagner and Kelly have provided Administrator Pruitt a series of financial benefits since he first became an elected official in Oklahoma, including:

The new investigation demand follows numerous reports revealing questionable and potentially unethical behavior at taxpayer expense by Administrator Pruitt during his tenure at EPA, including retaining $2 million security detail,  installing a $43,000 phone booth, his frequent first class travel, unprecedented raises for his close staff, and his use of below-market rate housing rented from a lobbyist.

The letter states that “in light of Administrator Pruitt’s well-documented pattern of unethical behavior… there is good reason to conclude that [Pruitt’s] appointments of Mr. Kelly and Mr. Wagner violate the [law] by bestowing public benefits on otherwise-unqualified individuals with whom he has a close relationship.”

If the Inspector General confirms Pruitt’s misconduct, the letter asks that he take appropriate disciplinary action, potentially including the dismissal of Wagner and Kelly.


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