Washington, D.C. — Last night reaffirmed yet again that the majority of the American people believe in the power and promise of our democracy and oppose the anti-democratic, extreme movement seeking to wield power in this country.  In a diverse collection of states where ballots were presented on the issues, Americans affirmed the basic right of individuals to make decisions about their bodies, endorsed the necessity of healthcare through the expansion of Medicaid and supported fair wages. They rejected the agenda of extremist candidates who continue to try and undermine the very foundations of our democracy.

These results also show the challenges that lie ahead. In states like Florida and Texas officials who hold power will only continue to pursue a range of policies that are unlawful and detrimental to people and communities. What’s more, we face this reality at a time when the Supreme Court has radically redefined the rights of the American people and millions of Americans have already been harmed by the activities of a highly-resourced and coordinated movement that is seeking to undermine our country’s highest ideals.

Despite these challenges, we saw again last night that the American people can and will fight for democracy.

The path forward will require collective focus and determination. Our team at Democracy Forward will continue to seek to advance our democracy, use the law as an instrument of accountability and progress and fight to make the promise of democracy a reality for all Americans. Together, we can ensure our best days are ahead.