We use the law to fight for good government on behalf of all Americans, challenging abuses of power and bringing legal action on behalf of people who need it most. Take a look at our work:

Opposing the State of Texas’ effort to reinstate its unlawful Medicaid Waiver Extension

We filed an amicus brief on behalf of Every Texan urging the Court to reject Texas' attempt to revive an unlawful, Trump-era extension of its Medicaid waiver without notice and comment.

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Texas Lawmakers, Public Servants, TX AFL-CIO et al. v. State of Texas

Fighting to stop Texas Gov. Abbott’s unconstitutional act to defund the separate and coequal Legislative Branch on behalf of state workers and the Texas AFL-CIO, and alongside a coalition of legislators and caucuses.

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Demanding the DOJ retract an unlawful, anti-science Trump-era statement on forensics that puts the innocent at risk

We, on behalf of the Union of Concerned Scientists, petitioned DOJ to retract an inaccurate statement that lends credibility to flawed forensic science in court, in violation of the Information Quality Act.

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Petitioning the Justice Department for a clear rule on supplemental environmental projects

Though an unlawful Trump-era memo has been revoked, we’re still pressing for clear standards from the DOJ and EPA to allow the beneficial use of clean-up projects in environmental enforcement settlements.

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Calling on GSA to address Trump-era reductions in transparency on

We sent a letter alongside public interest groups to request that the Biden admin restore functionality and strengthen public participation on the revamped federal website.

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Opposing Efforts by AZ and MT to Invoke Unlawful Agreement to Restrict DHS Policymaking

Opposing Arizona’s attempt to invoke illegally authorized Trump-era agreements, alongside immigrant justice groups, in “friend-of-the-court” brief.

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