Our Work

Government derives its power from the people. When those entrusted by the people to govern abuse their power, we expose their actions, take them to court, and hold them accountable. Our team is agile and deploys innovative, effective strategies across the range of issues highlighted below.

Representing Mississippi Parents in their Suit to Stop the State Legislature’s Funneling of Public Money to Private Schools

Mississippi Legislature's Action Violates the State's Constitution

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Combating Censorship

"The first condition of progress is the removal of censorship." - George Bernard Shaw

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Litigating to Bring Angola Prison’s Health Care System Into Compliance with Federal Law

Prison officials must start fulfilling their constitutional obligation to provide adequate medical care and disability accommodations to everyone incarcerated at Angola

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Unions, Workers Advocates Urge Court to Reject Efforts to Weaken Protections for Workers Facing Layoffs

We’re urging courts to reject efforts to weaken essential protections for workers facing layoffs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Challenging the abortion ban in Lebanon, Ohio.

The ordinance violates constitutional protections, harms those seeking and providing abortions, counseling, and care.

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Protecting Consumers from Harm and the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Urging Court to Reverse in Sessa v. Trans Union

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