We use the law to fight for good government on behalf of all Americans, challenging abuses of power and bringing legal action on behalf of people who need it most. Take a look at our work:

Protecting Workers, Patients, and Public Health: Defending Federal Vaccine Policies During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Representing the American Medical Association, the nation’s largest organization of physicians, in urging courts to uphold federal vaccine policies to protect workers, patients, and public health

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Unions Urge Court to Reject Efforts to Weaken Protections for Workers Facing Layoffs

On behalf of leading unions, we’re urging the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to reject efforts to weaken essential protections for workers facing layoffs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Tax Professors’ Brief Aids Maryland – Urges Court to Reject Challenge to State’s Digital Ad Tax

On behalf of leading tax law experts, we’re urging the court to reject the attempt by industry groups to create a broad shelter from state tax law for tech titans.

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Supporting leading medical groups in affirming minors’ right to consent to medical care

We filed amicus briefs on behalf of leading medical groups in two federal cases that were brought to challenge Washington D.C.’s Minor Consent for Vaccinations Act.

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Countering conservative attacks on the lawfulness of informal agency guidance

We filed a brief in Walmart’s appeal, explaining that informal interpretations issued by federal agencies are lawful and vital to the transparency and consistency of government.

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